New Private Lending Company Opens in Orangefield to Focus on Overall Wealthy

New Orange County Lending Company opened its doors on May 5 in Orangefield. The senior management team includes President and CEO David Knight, Deputy Chief Lending Officer Jeffry Keen, Chief Operating and Lending Officer Maisie Garcia, Chief Deposit Officer Barbara Whitehead, and Chief Development Officer Thomas Taylor.

Led by experienced regional bankers, Orange County Lending Company stands for personal well-being and small business development, and it is going to serve residents and local businesses by providing various loan options that suit their needs. The company offers personal lending and small loans for local entrepreneurs.

We want to support the state's economy by opening a company that will be of service to people and businesses, David Knight said.

New Orange County Lending Company raised about $15.7 million in initial capital from primarily Orange County shareholders. It was licensed by The Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner on its way to becoming a part of a fair and healthy credit environment that grows economic prosperity for all Texans.