Delta Life Fitness Orange County Ribbon Cutting

The Bridge City Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting to celebrate the grand opening of Delta Life Fitness-Orange County at their brand new location: 3509 Edgar Brown Dr., Orange, TX 77630.  Delta Life Fitness is off to a great start with over 100 new members signed up before opening day.

In 2009 Josh Cherry was asked by mothers, who had sons in his son’s Cub Scouts group, to lead them in a workout that was efficient and could be completed in the time their sons were at their Cub Scouts meeting. They were looking to lose weight, get stronger and get results. Josh created a bootcamp style workout that targeted their heart rate and helped them lose weight. He felt he was on to something.  He opened the first Delta Life Bootcamp facility in 2010 in College Station, Texas. At this time, his facility catered to both men and women members. In 2012, his duty for the Marine Corps called and he had to sell his gym facility to work for the Marine Corps. Josh and his brother-in-law Robby Marlow had always dreamed about opening and running a business together. After Josh sold his facility he and Robby came up with a plan to start an online workout program. In 2011, they began an online workout program that catered to both women and men. The program paid for itself, but they learned digital sales and marketing as well as different technologies that would propel their next concept, Delta Life Bootcamp, to the next level.

In March 2013 DLF co-founders Robby and Cassie Marlow began teaching bootcamp classes in the park.  Class size quickly grew and he decided it was time to transfer his classes from the park to a facility. He opened the doors to the first Delta Life Bootcamp using the new concept in November 2013.  While Robby was opening this location, Josh and Christin Cherry began their own bootcamp in the park in December 2013. They became so popular they were able to move their outside class to their first facility in March 2014. At this point, Josh and Robby decided to change their target market to women only. They quickly outgrew this building as their memberships continued to grow. They moved to their second facility June 2014. The third Delta Life Bootcamp opened their doors in Midcounty, Texas in August 2014. In the first month the owner had over 100 members. Word began to spread that Delta Life Bootcamp was making huge advances in the women’s only fitness market. People started to inquire if they too were able to open their own Delta Life Bootcamp facility.

At the start of 2015 Delta Life Bootcamp had three locations, but the seed was planted in Josh and Robby’s mind that other people were interested in running Delta Life facilities too. Through a lot of hard work and dedication Josh and Robby began to learn how to license the Delta Life brand and assist them in owning their own facility. In just one year, they helped open 8 more facilities bringing the total amount of gyms to 11.  Delta Life Bootcamp also rebranded during 2015 and became what it is known as today, Delta Life Fitness. A weight loss program for women meant to inspire women to make significant and lasting changes to their weight, their health and their life through their own empowerment.

As of February 2021, they currently have 14 fully operating facilities, with facilities opening in California, Washington, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama and New Jersey. Delta Life Fitness is the place for women to exercise, learn about nutrition and change their lifestyle. You can try their 5 Day Fat Flush for free and they are offering a 14-day Fat Furnace for $47 which includes two weeks of meal plans and access to supervised child care.  For more information, call 409-920-4345 or check out their website: