Now Accepting Nominations for Father of the Year 2019

Nominations can be submitted by filling out the form below or by letter.  Letters are not to exceed 500 words and can be made using the form below or can be mailed or delivered to 150 West Roundbunch Road, Bridge City TX 77611 with the envelope marked FATHER OF THE YEAR.  After hours, nominations can be put in the front door slot.  The deadline for nomination letters is May 31, 2019.  The father nominated must live or work within the Bridge City or Orangefield School District.  Persons sending in letters are not required to live in the area.  The letter should include the nominees past and present involvement in family, community and other services.  Name, address, and telephone number of the nominated father and person sending in the nomination are required.  A current photo of the person nominated also needs to be included.  If the person nominated is not chosen, he may be nominated again the following year.  For more information, contact the Bridge City Chamber at 409-735-5671.

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