Breakfast honoring 2015-2016 Students of the Month


Bridge City ISD held a breakfast Monday morning at the administration building in honor of its Bridge City Chamber of Commerce Student of the Month recipients for the 2015-2016 school year.  At the breakfast, Scot C. Shaffer, Bridge City Chamber of Commerce President, presented two of the honorees, Raven Cormier and Bailee Bacon with scholarships from the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce of $500 each.  Superintendent Lintzen presented two Lintzen Memorial Scholarships of $500 each to Brianna Martin and Chaston Miller.


Pictured left to right:  B. J. Hanneman, Raven Cormier, Bailee Bacon and Scot C. Shaffer











Pictured left to right: Chaston Miller, Todd Lintzen and Brianna Martin